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Municipal Buildings

Durable, affordable and designed to last, pre-engineered steel buildings are a top choice among those seeking economical government or municipal building solutions. Because taxpayers want to see their money put to the best possible use, budget is often a top priority when it comes to erecting firehouses, police stations, public works facilities, city offices and other public properties. Premanufactured steel buildings offer an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood construction.

Not only are prefabricated metal municipal buildings easy and quick to erect, slashing construction time and saving communities substantial money, but they also offer low lifetime maintenance costs, resulting in even more savings for buyers. Steel Structures Unlimited can work with you to create an economical, versatile building that will serve your government operations and public works well for generations to come. Steel Structures Unlimited excels in providing specialized steel buildings when exacting standards are required in facilities such as:

• Fire & EMT Stations    • Law Enforcement Facilities    • Government Offices    • Schools/Libraries    • Park/Forestry Facilities    • Highway/DOT Buildings    • Water/Waste Facilities    • Community Centers

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