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Recreational Buildings

Most Recreational Buildings require large open interior spaces combined with increased building heights to house their indoor sports activities. Steel buildings can be clear-span designed and engineered to accommodate almost any size, dimension, or shape making them a perfect choice for recreational buildings of all types. Other key features are easily incorporated into the design to fully customize your steel recreational facility. Doors, windows and skylights can be positioned to adjust natural light into the venue. Similarly, the proper use of fans, ridge vents, specialized insulation packages and ventilation systems can control temperature and humidity throughout the building.

Steel Structures Unlimited will work with you all along the way to present a wide variety of metal sheathing colors and textures, as well as, overhang, eaves and trim options to make your building meet or exceed all your needs. The sky is the limit when customizing your steel recreational facility! Here is just a small photo sampling of Recreational Use Buildings we have designed, manufactured, delivered and erected over the years:

  • Indoor Sports Training Facilities
  • Swimming/Diving Natatoriums
  • Hockey/Skating Rinks
  • Clubhouse Buildings
  • Indoor Tennis Facilities
  • Gymnastic/Dance Facilities
  • Sports/Concert Stadiums
  • Youth Centers/Gaming Clubs

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