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Add A Mezzanine To Increase Usable Square Footage

Seeking a cost-effective way to add more space and value to your steel building? Consider adding a mezzanine, which is a second story that extends over a portion or even the entire footprint of a metal building’s existing floor space. Similar to an interior balcony in that it looks out over the floor below, a mezzanine makes great use of vertical space by expanding your building’s usable floor space without enlarging its footprint. You can add a mezzanine during the construction process, or you can also add one independently to an existing steel building after the fact.

Construction Options and Loading Factors

Mezzanines can either be purchased at the time of the building purchase (before it has been engineered) or after the fact as stand-alone. Engineers must account for the loading of the mezzanine based on the use. It is very important that the engineers know specifically what the mezzanine will be used for so they can engineer it properly. This is the case if you are going to build a mezzanine provided by us, and even so if you are stick building your own mezzanine but attaching it to your steel structure. If you do not have it properly engineered at the time of purchase, and decide to install a mezzanine later, it will have to be stand-alone.

Common Commercial & Residential Uses

Far more affordable than adding a full-scale addition, a mezzanine creates new, second-level floor space you can use to create anything from an office or storage area to an additional bedroom or loft.

Commercial or office buildings often use mezzanines to store files or business assets, create conference rooms, store mechanical equipment, or to oversee manufacturing operations, among other common applications.

In steel residences, mezzanines often undergo use as extra bedrooms or loft areas. They are also common in barndominiums, which are steel homes that combine living quarters with some other type of workspace. In barndominiums, mezzanines frequently house the owner’s living quarters, freeing up more usable space down below for storage, work or whatever else an owner desires.

Common Mezzanine Building Materials

In most cases, metal building mezzanines are comprised of either steel or wood, both of which easily affix to the building’s columns. Steel mezzanines offer optimal strength and durability, holding their own over time despite heavy usage and foot traffic. Wood mezzanines, meanwhile, are typically lighter than steel, and they are relatively quick and easy to assemble and install.

If you’re looking for a great, cost-effective way to increase usable floor space in your building without creating an entirely new structure or addition, a mezzanine may meet your needs.

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