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Working with an Architect to Design Your Steel Building

Not all steel building projects require the assistance of an architect. However, many larger projects benefit tremendously from the collaboration that takes place between architects, general contractors, erection crews, engineers, drafters and project consultants. Adding an architect to your project team can benefit you in many ways. More specifically, hiring this type of professional can help you:

Adhere to Building Aesthetic and Building Code Requirements

Many communities have requirements in place dictating how buildings erected in them have to look. For example, some communities require that new construction matches with the existing construction already in place in the area, and an architect may be able to help you design your building and add necessary features to accommodate these requirements. Communities also often have building codes in place with regard to wind or snow loads, and architects are typically highly familiar with these requirements.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Metal Building

If you have a particular look or style in mind for your steel building, an architect can help you make necessary enhancements and otherwise design your building in line with your objectives and stylistic preferences.

Communicate with Your Building Company and General Contractor

When you have an architect on your steel building design team, he or she can act as a liaison between the building company and the general contractor. This communication helps ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, streamlining the design and construction processes.

Evaluate Contractor Bids

A contractor’s bid gives you insight as to how a prospective contractor plans to bring your vision to life. In many cases, architects can help you evaluate different contractor bids so you can avoid spending unnecessary time and money on a bad one. Ultimately, the better your contractor is, the more likely you are to complete your project on time, on budget and to your satisfaction.

Create 3D Models to Streamline Permit Approval

An architect may also be able to help you speed up and simplify the permit process by creating an attractive 3D model of your project. Your community’s government agency may get a better sense of your project, and therefore be more likely to issue a permit for it, if you have a model on hand that showcases exactly what you plan to construct.

If you're planning on building a complex pre-engineered steel structure and believe you could benefit from the assistance of a professional architect; please contact Steel Structures Unlimited to help review your project requirements and allow us to assist in recommending a compatible architect for the job.

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