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Shipping Within the Continental United States

Through the reach of our multiple manufacturing partners, Steel Structures Unlimited, LLC can ship your pre-engineered steel building kit directly to your jobsite, regardless of where you reside within the continental United States. With the capability of being able to ship directly from our factory to your jobsite, the typical expenses of a middleman are eliminated allowing us to pass the savings along to you. Our North Dakota manufacturing facilities service and ship to our customers in the western half of the country, while our South Carolina factory serves our buyers in the eastern half of the United States. All of our prefabricated steel building kits come carefully packaged and labeled and arrive ready to assemble, simplifying erection time and slashing labor costs.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & the Caribbean

Steel Structures Unlimited, LLC is also able to ship metal building kits of all types to customers across Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and many parts of the Caribbean. We regularly use a shipping dock in Washington to ship building kits to Alaska and throughout much of Canada, while we use a California dock to ship to Hawaii and a South Carolina dock near our factory to ship to customers throughout many areas of the Caribbean.

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Shipping Image

If you live or operate a business in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or the Caribbean, we have a way to get your prefabricated building kit delivered directly to your job site.

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