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Having a Quality Base Foundation Adds Building Value

A Solid Foundation Can Save Maintenance Costs Over The Life Of The Building

When your building has “good bones,” it means it has reliable, premium-quality construction that stands the test of time. It also means you can plan on paying far less in repair costs and related expenses over the life of your steel building, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars through the years.

While steel buildings are a great alternative to other construction choices because of their unparalleled strength and durability, steel buildings with strong, solid foundations are particularly valuable and cost-effective.

Why Strong Foundations Matter

You have numerous options when it comes to your steel building’s foundation, and the best option for you may depend on your geographic location. Different types of soil and landscapes fare better with different foundation designs, and certain building types also require specific foundation types. Light-gauge, cold-formed and mini storage buildings all need monolithic foundations, for example, which are systems that have one concrete slab with thickened parts under the slab that support load bearing walls and perimeter edges.

Finding the right type of foundation for your area makes your building permanent while simultaneously boosting its value. A foundation engineer can help you determine the best foundation for your particular build site and needs.

How Foundation Engineers Help

A professional foundation engineer can test your soil to help determine what foundation will strengthen and best suit your steel building. He or she can also utilize new technologies to make your foundation more affordable while alleviating heaving, buckling and similar construction concerns.

In addition to having a good foundation engineer, it is important that the crew pouring the foundation is seasoned and completes the job correctly and thoroughly. Properly setting anchor bolts is also critical. The foundation team will receive an anchor bolt plan that dictates where the bolts must go in relation to the I-beam. If the crew fails to follow the plan precisely, the I-beam may not fall into position, leading your team to have to redo the entire process at your own expense.

Steel Structures Unlimited Streamlines the Process

A well-designed foundation improves building integrity and helps prevent building deterioration and structural damage. When you purchase your metal building through Steel Structures Unlimited, we give your foundation engineer stamped and certified structural drawings, along with reactions that he or she can use in conjunction with soil tests to determine the best plan of action for your foundation.

Your building’s foundation is what anchors it to the ground and enables it to withstand extreme weather and similar hazards. By taking care and time to do it right from day one, you can strengthen your building, lengthen its lifespan and lower its lifetime costs of ownership.

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