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Steel Homes

With more than 40 years of experience supplying metal homes, metal carports and related buildings for residential use, we know the ins and outs of the steel homebuilding industry. Whether you are in need of a permanent residence or a vacation getaway, our prefab home kits allow for easy delivery and erection. You can also customize our existing metal home kits in accordance with your needs, without having to enlist the aid of an architect, which can save you considerable money when compared with the cost of designing a more traditional abode.

Increasingly, cost-conscious prospective homeowners who are looking to customize their own living spaces are choosing metal building homes, which combine the strength and versatility of steel construction with the style and beauty of traditional home architecture. When choosing to construct a steel home, you are not limited to choosing a floorplan that is pre-set. You can customize your steel home with a layout that best fits your needs. Steel homes offer many advantages over conventionally built wood structures, such as:

Steel Homes
  • Large Span Structures
  • Long-Lasting/Sturdy Built
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Low Maintenance Materials
  • Massive Porches/Lofts
  • Extended Overhangs
  • Engineered/Certified Plans
  • Severe Weather Resistant
Steel Homes
Steel Homes
Steel Homes
Steel Homes

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