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Steel Is Superior and Easier to Source Than Wood

This past year has impacted the way many Americans shop, conduct business and socialize, and recent changes are also affecting nationwide construction and building trends. With publications ranging from Newsweek to MarketWatch touting surging lumber prices and limited availability, many consumers are turning to steel construction as a more rugged, low-maintenance and easy-to-source alternative.

Why Lumber Prices Are Surging

When much of the economy grinded to a halt back in March, lumber prices took a dive. Contractors hit pause on their construction projects from coast to coast, leaving lumber mills with an excess of their products. Foreseeing a decrease in demand, many of them scaled back or completely curtailed their operations.

What many lumber suppliers didn’t count on, though, is the fact that so many Americans would spend their time at home working on sheds, new work-at-home areas and other home-improvement projects. This led to an unanticipated surge in demand, and with so many lumber suppliers cutting back on production, wood has become increasingly hard to come by – and increasingly more expensive.

Why Steel Is a Cut Above

When budget allows, steel is a far superior construction choice than wood. Why?

  • It’s Lower Maintenance

Steel construction is inherently low maintenance, typically needing little more than an occasional power wash to maintain its aesthetic appeal through the years. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t warp, crack or rot over time, and it also isn’t subject to damage caused by termites or other pests.

  • It Lasts Longer

Steel buildings often last substantially longer than wooden ones. In addition to the benefits outlined above, steel buildings also have lighter frames, which means a lower potential for cracks in the foundation.

  • It Allows for More Space

Buyers also benefit from more usable cubic feet when they opt for steel construction. While wood buildings have trusses that obstruct some of a building’s interior, steel buildings typically have frames that follow the roof line, freeing up more usable interior space.

Why Steel Structures Unlimited Saves Money

While steel is currently easier to source than lumber, Steel Structures Unlimited offers additional cost savings for consumers. As a direct manufacturer, rather than a broker, our company has no “middle man,” allowing us to offer more competitive prices. So, rather than put a building project on hold until who knows when, consider a switch to steel and enjoy the superiority and low costs of ownership that come with doing so.

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